My name is Elena Girshgorina.
I am photographer. I love and know how to find the most unusual and interesting perspectives in the world around me. I like to photograph cities for the abundance of interesting buildings and streets, for the play of light and shadow in the alleys, for the unusual and unpredictability of the plots that arise. 

Also I like to photograph cats and flowers... )

With the stabilizer DJI Mobile, I discovered the world of videography. I shoot video on my favorite iPhone 8 Plus and edit video clips in iMovie

A little more about me...

I met and became friends with photography 10 years ago. Then I liked to wander the streets and photograph people, or rather their legs. I collected the captured photos on a personal computer and was going to make an album someday ... and then I met a man who changed my life and even my country of residence. Now I live in the beautiful and sunny country of Israel and professionally do my favorite thing - photography!

I continue to photograph city streets and manage to find unusual angles where no one else can find them. I take pictures of cats and flowers, since there are a lot of both in Israel :)

Videography has firmly entered my work and I shoot and edit videos for presentations and workshops.

For photo and video shooting, I use the NIKON D7000 camera and iPhone.

My portfolio



Recently, I was going to clean up my photos. To start, I counted them all... :)


Mobile photography

Mobile photography has firmly entered my life and my work. The number of photos I took on a mobile phone is close to 50% of all my photos!

Mobile photography














My contacts

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e-mail: elena@ego-studio.com
cell: +972 548 375723

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